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Dental Care & Oral Surgery

If you're here, you have some questions or curiousity regarding dentures and sexual activity. First, let me make this perfectly clear:

I am NOT a dentist or oral surgeon.
I am merely a person who's had lots of dental work done, and hopefully can offer some assistance, advice or ideas to you.

QUESTION: How soon after oral surgery can I have sexual activity?

ANSWER: If you've had any teeth extracted, I would suggest waiting at least a week. During sexual activity your blood pressure rises, and this can cause a "throbbing sensation" at the extraction point. Plus, your body needs time to heal. In all honesty, there is pain during recovery from oral surgery. Sexual activity will probably not be foremost on your mind.

QUESTION: How do dentures affect kissing?

ANSWER: What you will notice is that you cannot kiss "as hard". Extreme pressure on the lips will cause your denture to unseat. This is something you adjust to as you get use to your denture. The muscles in your mouth will adjust with time, and you'll be back kissing just as you did before surgery.

QUESTION: Can I kiss without wearing dentures?

ANSWER: You can try, but it won't work very good. You'll be able to pucker, but there will be nothing behind the lips to push with. Teeth are needed for the "kiss feeling". Without teeth, the lips go inward when pressure is applied.

QUESTION: How do dentures affect oral sex?

ANSWER: From the "giver's" point of view, not much. The one thing you will notice if you have an upper denture is that you will not have a touch sensation on the roof of your mouth, since it is now covered with the denture. Depending on the sex of your partner, this may or may not affect you. With a lower denture, not much difference is noticed.

QUESTION: Should I perform oral sex with or without dentures?

ANSWER: That is entirely up to you and your partner. With me, personally, my partner prefers oral sex with the denture in. One problem with performing oral sex without the denture is that once you are through, or wish to kiss, it's next to impossible without the denture. Then you must take the time to get up, reseat the denture, and return to sexual activity. This can "break the mood" for some people.

Any other questions regarding sexual activity and dentures? If so, email your questions, and I'll post and answer them here.


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