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If you're here, you're either thinking of having some type of dental work or oral surgery done, or are looking for after-care advice. First, let me make this perfectly clear:

I am NOT a dentist or oral surgeon.
I am merely a person who's had lots of dental work done, and hopefully can offer some assistance, advice or ideas to you.

A few years ago, I was the victim of a violent criminal assault. As a result of that, I had a great deal of damage done to my jaw and teeth. My jaw was cracked and misaligned, a number of teeth were broken, others damaged in various ways, and I had nerve damage. The solution? Lots of dental work and oral surgery.

What I hope to share here is how to find a good dentist or oral surgeon, some after-care advice, and recipe ideas for those on a soft food diet while recuperating. And, yes...I'll even address the "fear" issue. I was afraid of dentists for years!

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This information and advice published or made available through
is not intended to replace the services of a dentist or oral surgeon,
nor does it constitute a doctor-patient relationship.
Information on this web site is provided for informational purposes only
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